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Okay, since I/m bombarded with fucking spam I/ll be locking all posts, only those on my friend list will be able to post...
the entries will be still public so everyone will be able to see them...

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Something for Saiyuki fans! :D

Gateless Gate Sutra
- compiled 1228
- bought to Japan by Shuichi Kakushin (1207-98) in 1254
- repeatedly printed in the Five Mountains Temples

"After long practiceinner and outer will of their own accord be fused into
one....[S]uddenly fusing, you astonish heaven and move the earth, as if
you had grasped the great sword of General Barrier. [Then] if you meet
the Buddha, you kill the Buddha; if you meet a patriarch you kill the
On the brink of life and deathyou attain great autonomy,
enjoying the samadhi of playfulness in the six realms
and the four births."  (Page 189)

Joseph D. Parker
Zen Buddhist Landscape Arts of Early Muromachi Japan (1336-1573)

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I´m making a reading books marathon about japan and I decided to post here some interesting stuff that I read... stupid me for not doing this earlyer! *facepalms*
I´ll call it "japanese notes" in the tags...

The abolition of names ending with ---
In the time of Meiji restoration a policy of the new government was to abolish names with "zaemon", "emon" and "bee" in them because these endings had signified imperial government posts in former times. During the Muromachi period (1338-1573) the general public began to use names of that sort. Since the new government considered this as disrespectfull to the emperor, it´s supporters voluntarily abandoned the use of such names.

Souzaemon => Shouhachi

(from "As the Japanese see it - past and present" by Aoki and Dardess [Page 149])

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Holy cow I want this little critter! <3

The breakdancing...

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Forgot to post this~ XD

Now I just need the first three volumes...
I took some pictures of the ice in our window...

My favorites:

the rest is hereCollapse )

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Today I picked up my saiyuki order from YesAsia.com! The package arrived so fast!!! Earlier than it actually should. :P yesss~
Here are they:

The quality is amazing, oh the paper :Q *purr~* not like the german mangas at all! XD The funny thing is that I never saw the cover under the dust cover! They are simple but beautifull.
2 and 4 are silver, 1 and 3 golden.
here are they:
covers without the dust cover under the cutCollapse )

Now I just need the 1st volume... ^^J XD

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Recently I found this cool coloring tutorial!
I just thought holy cow! This one iz coool!!!~
crysella coloring tutorial
Credit goes to crysella!!!

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Errr~ Today no Jap./dj post but well a little sum up for teh 7th month.

teh JulyCollapse )
28.7. I ordered japanese releases of Saiyuki Gaiden 2-4(end) + Saiyuubito :3
The problem is I don´t have Gaiden #1 TT_TTJ

When I sum up the coloring part of the month I can say that: Fuck I suck at coloring... =o=+
I still don´t have my own coloring style... *le sigh~*

All in all it was a good month! :D
***_____end of teh repport____***

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I just found this japanese onomatopoeia list.
nyao~ nyao~ :3

Here are some hiragana, katakana and kanji Practice Sheets.
wan~ wan~ :d

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Damn and I thought I posted this link already >..OJ
Well here you can find music, videos, video lessons, textbooks and magazines :D yay~ just look around!

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