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Gateless Gate Sutra - Shinrin journal
Gateless Gate Sutra
Something for Saiyuki fans! :D

Gateless Gate Sutra
- compiled 1228
- bought to Japan by Shuichi Kakushin (1207-98) in 1254
- repeatedly printed in the Five Mountains Temples

"After long practiceinner and outer will of their own accord be fused into
one....[S]uddenly fusing, you astonish heaven and move the earth, as if
you had grasped the great sword of General Barrier. [Then] if you meet
the Buddha, you kill the Buddha; if you meet a patriarch you kill the
On the brink of life and deathyou attain great autonomy,
enjoying the samadhi of playfulness in the six realms
and the four births."  (Page 189)

Joseph D. Parker
Zen Buddhist Landscape Arts of Early Muromachi Japan (1336-1573)

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