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Life thingie~ - Shinrin journal
Life thingie~
Errr~ Today no Jap./dj post but well a little sum up for teh 7th month.

13.7. I got my Goethe C1 certificate. :3 yay~

15.7. We had a huge party. Some people had birthday and my cousin got a Ing. title + hes going to get married with a cute girl. :D
I saw some family members drunk! XD gyahahahahaaaaa~ XD lol
I found out that my pc died... =x=+ shit~
I acidentally grilled teh Power supply... >.>J

16.7. And of course when I was in Wienna I bought Saiyuki Artbook Salty Dog V *u*
I was there because of school :D now I´m going to study there Japanology squeeee~ :3

17.7. I bought a new PSU and installed it into the pc (damned thing killing itself when I need it...)

21.7 One of my cousins came to pose for meh :D I made a lot of photos for reference! waiii~
I also got a rough writing thingie for the manga "Kigen" I´m working on for so f***ing long. *bows to my cousin* I still need to do details on it but that will go faster.

22.7 + I started to draw T-shirts for the almighty Comics Salon ^^
I suck at drawing humans (especially girls) *le sigh~*

24.7. My mother almost fainted again... got me all angry at her for not drinking anything...in this heat... >.> and then she always complains that shes weak and her head and eyes hurt... of course they hurt! +_+* *growl~*
Yesterday she drank 1 liter throughout the day and didn´t throw up! I´m impressed! :D It´s a miracle!!!

25.7. I had birthday...got too much chocolate X.x I wish they bought me a melon or lemons or some other fruits instead... Luck on my side I didn´t gain waight. :3 I´m sooo awesome for that! *praises herself* XD

23-28.7. I didn´t sleep F.p and I was doing so well sleeping before that. >.> damn...
*bangs head* But I learned alot of new kanji. :3

28.7. I ordered japanese releases of Saiyuki Gaiden 2-4(end) + Saiyuubito :3
The problem is I don´t have Gaiden #1 TT_TTJ

When I sum up the coloring part of the month I can say that: Fuck I suck at coloring... =o=+
I still don´t have my own coloring style... *le sigh~*

All in all it was a good month! :D
***_____end of teh repport____***

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Current Music: sound of wind :D

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