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Japanese notes 1 - Shinrin journal
Japanese notes 1
I´m making a reading books marathon about japan and I decided to post here some interesting stuff that I read... stupid me for not doing this earlyer! *facepalms*
I´ll call it "japanese notes" in the tags...

The abolition of names ending with ---
In the time of Meiji restoration a policy of the new government was to abolish names with "zaemon", "emon" and "bee" in them because these endings had signified imperial government posts in former times. During the Muromachi period (1338-1573) the general public began to use names of that sort. Since the new government considered this as disrespectfull to the emperor, it´s supporters voluntarily abandoned the use of such names.

Souzaemon => Shouhachi

(from "As the Japanese see it - past and present" by Aoki and Dardess [Page 149])

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